20 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Begins!

  1. Emily

    I am very Athletic and I try to Be the very best I Can. I’ve Decided what I want to do with my life. Something that can help others, Especially becoming a Surgeon, CSI Detective, or a Marine Biologist. For the remainder of my life, my Goal is to get good grades and to get into a good college. How I plan to make my mark on the world is, help others and maybe visit Jails and talk to the prisoners, or help sad people Kick their way into Life.
    One of My main goals
    for this school years is to get into StuCo. Now that I am, we can ensure that everyone in Middle School for the 2015-2016 school year has the best years of their life. As I am typing this, it is my second favorite month October. This is the time for scaring and Pumpkins, and Halloween! I also love to go to church and the church I go to is Our Lady Queen of Peace, the people are so sweet and so friendly. Reading is a slight hobby, some books I have read is Harry Potter and The Hunger Game Series. I also like animals, I have 2 cats and They are my joys! I also enjoy playing instruments like Clarinet, but I wanna learn how to play the Bass Clarinet and Ukulele and maybe the Violin. I think putting others before you is very important. It doesn’t take that long to Walk an elderly down the street, or show someone how to play the Xylophone. One thing I like to do I visit my Grandma and we always look at Yellow flowers and go to the Zoo.

  2. Victoria

    Dear, Mrs. H
    I am ATHLETIC and I like BASKETBALL. I am a CARING person but i am DESTRUCTIVE to objects (like phone cases and windows). I hunt deer and ELK. That is what my dad and brothers taught me. I have never been in a FIST-FIGHT. I believe that GOD is 3 in one. I am afraid of HEIGHTS and am INSTINCTIVE sometimes. I believe in JUSTICE and KINDNESS. I know that LOVE exists even though my cousin thought she found it but didn’t. I hate MILEY Cyrus and NEGATIVITY. I am OVERJOYED that my grandmother is okay and remembers me. The red PANDA is my favorite animal. It might be nice to meet John QUINCY Adams just to see him in real life. The ROSE is my favorite flower but not the red ones. I hate SHRIMP because it is just too fishy. My favorite villain is URSULA,and my name is VICTORIA. I like it when we WIN but I know it isn’t everything. I want to learn to play a XYLOPHONE because it is interesting. I don’t understand why we YAWN when we are tired. I just know it gives more oxygen to the brain. I also don’t like ZUCCHINI because it is too mushy. Thank you for reading my essay!

  3. Alex

    Hello, My name is Alex.
    My nickname is white
    I enjoy traveling
    I like grumpy Cat
    My favorite place is Seaside, FL
    I love watching Gilmore Girls
    and making blogs

  4. Miss W.

    G’day Students,
    What great introductions and first comments for the student blogging challenge! I love the way some of you have written it as a poem but I must agree with Aria – frogs are cool especially when you hear them croaking at night.

  5. Stephanie

    Hello people from the world who are looking at this blog,
    As you can see, this is a student who is from the Faithful Leadership blog. You may not know who this is but you will once you fully read my Bio.
    My name is Stephanie.
    Today I am typing this for a blog challenge.
    Essentially, I’m a huge awkward nerd who also blogs during my break hours.
    I love cartooning and drawing many animations. I’m currently working on a webcomic. Sure, I am too young but I like seeing the world from the internet. I want to explore new things.
    My hobbies are playing the violin, cello and piano.
    My favorite drink is a frappe mocha from Starbucks coffee. Yum!

  6. Minh

    My name is Minh. I am 13 years old. My birthday is on 6th June so right now as I am writing this, I am still 13 years old. I am not American and I am learning to speak English. I am Vietnamese and I have just come to America 3 months ago. I try to familiarize with this my life in here. Maybe in America, I’ll be smarter than when I lived in Viet Nam. When I still lived in Viet Nam, I was the worst student in my class. I loved a girl in my class in Viet Nam. She is my classmate and also my class president. She is the best in my grade and I’m the worst but she loved me. Then we broke up but I don’t know why and I don’t care anymore. Now my life in America is a little bit of a change, I am studying in Notre Dame Catholic School; I study from Monday to Friday. Then I have the weekend from Friday’s evening to Sunday’s evening. In this time I can use my iPad, but in the regular day I can’t use any devices. I like film and music.

  7. Tony

    l am Tony, Chinese, real name is Jiayi
    l am not smart
    l love sports
    l don’t know what l am good at – l know that’s weird
    l played basketball only 1 year
    l played football only few months
    l like sleeping but l can’t because l wake up at 6:30 every day
    l am fast
    l like eating and l am so hungry everyday

  8. Mia

    Hi my name is Mia,
    I like llamas
    I like Bananas
    My role model is Issa Christopher Tweimeh.
    My favorite thing in the whole world are my dogs Coco and Ozzi.
    I like the color purple.
    Love looking at tumblr grunge,
    I love making blogs, and
    I will continue to make more blogs

  9. Lilliana

    Hi my name’s Lilliana
    I like potatoes
    I like singing
    I love llamas
    And I live life to the fullest
    One day I hope to make a change in the world

  10. Connor M.

    I am very athletic,
    yet very smart,
    I am surprisingly empathetic,
    committed to God,
    with a big, sweet heart.

    I have had more success than I could ever imagine,
    so thankful for all the gifts I have been given.
    With exceptionality in athletics, love for God, and academics,

    I work well with others, and try to be as modest, loving, and kind as I can.
    I realize my faults and disabilities and I accept them, work at them, and exploit them for the better.

  11. Nicole Z

    Hey what’s up this is Nicole here, My favorite color is blue, and I love to hug those who are cool, I race in the sun all day in the heat I stay. I love stuffed animals even though kiddish, I love to draw the things I dream. I like to play on the computer and make computer art. I’m in choir and band, am a alto and I play the drum, I like to create things and plan the things that I want to make. I love to listen to music mostly punk I would say. I love to wear hats I basically wear them everyday. I love scarves and finger cut gloves. Just like my sister. _ so you guys must be pretty cool because you finished the post _ peace out guys ,Nicole Z

  12. Charlie

    Dear Mrs. H

    Who am I?

    I am amazingly smart, but I really love chemistry. I definitely enjoy finishing games. I didn’t make any huge games, because I have no idea how to script just using Lua, but I keep trying.

    I am Charlie


  13. Thomas

    I like to play football
    I like basketball
    Cats are awesome
    I am not dumb
    I am cool
    I like school
    My favorite team is the Cowboys
    I like turquoise
    Gold is my favorite
    I like chocolate
    I like to play Madden
    I am one in a million

  14. JoEllen

    My name is JoEllen, I love to volunteer, play with my siblings, play with my dogs, and to ride my horse. For the past few years I have been volunteering at Whispers of Hope. Whispers of Hope is a place that helps children with mental and physical disorders of all sorts. I go to a Catholic school in Texas. While I was at a public school I was bullied really bad. When I go home from school I go straight to volunteer. Volunteering has really changed my life.

  15. Aria B

    Hey there Everyone,
    I hope to be a Friend;
    You may not know me though,
    So read until the End.

    My first name is Aria,
    My Last name you don’t need;
    So anyways, what’s this post about?
    Just wait and you will see.

    I’d like to tell you about myself,
    Like how I like to game;
    I also like to Draw and Write,
    More stories than you can name.

    I like to play the Trumpet,
    My voice I use a lot;
    by that I mean I sing and talk,
    but during class I do not. (Ok Sometimes)

    My Favorite color is Orange,
    I like to wear a scarf;
    I’m not sure what to rhyme with Scarf,
    so I’m just gonna say the word “Narf”?

    So that I guess Is all I have
    to write and share with you;
    I really liked writing this post,
    I hope you liked it too.

  16. andrew

    I am athletic.

    I am also sympathetic.

    I like to play sports.

    I really like the basketball courts.

    If I were a cat,

    I would sleep and chase rats.

    My favorite color is gold,

    And I am not very old.

    My favorite color is blue,
    And my name is Andrew.

  17. Billy

    I am cool
    I am not a fool.
    I like dogs,
    but not so much frogs.
    I like the color yellow
    and I really love Jell-O.
    Now i must say bye,
    so check my bow tie.


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